Bear Tales

Close Encounters I've seen bears in both Ontario and British Columbia with several close encounters in British Columbia as follows: A Tale of Two Bears Back in the days when I only had a tent, I was camping at Paul Lake Provincial Park and chose a nice site on the campground perimeter. The whole area … Continue reading Bear Tales

History of My RVs

Aliner Scout The Aliner is a pop-up trailer that uses solid walls that are insulated. The Scout model is a basic one with two sleeping berths, storage underneath, and two counters. It had an AC converter with the ability to use normal AC power when connected at a park. No batteries, no sink, no stove, … Continue reading History of My RVs

Snowbirding 2018 – 2019

Saddle Mountain BLM I liked what my niece did by creating a blog of her trip to Italy So much so that I decided to do the same. This blog is more or less in chronological order but not entirely. Boondocking Boondocking has different meanings but essentially it is camping off the grid, out … Continue reading Snowbirding 2018 – 2019